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Why Mobile Response Websites Benefit Your Business

MobileSeedUncategorizedWhy Mobile Response Websites Benefit Your Business
June 12 , 2015 / Posted by MobileSeed / Uncategorized /

Why Mobile Response Websites Benefit Your Business

Responsive web design on mobile devices phone and tablet pcWhat is a mobile responsive website & why does my company need one?

Today’s technology provides us with screens of all shapes and sizes. A mobile responsive website automatically changes the page layout to fit the screen size of the device. A website adapts to all screens and allows the user to avoid scrolling around a page, while zooming in and out in order to find the information they are looking for. In essence, mobile responsive websites provide the user with easily accessed information and an overall aesthetically pleasing experience.

Why your website should be mobile ready:

The use of mobile search has grown rapidly the past few years. Over 50% of Google searches are now done on mobile devices. This means it is critical that your business to have a mobile presence. When on the go, consumers are looking for quick and easily accessible information. During their initial search if you cannot provide the consumer with this information they will simply move on to the next search result.

How to reach the top:

There are many factors that determine where a website appears on search results. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Pierre Farr, recently went on record to announce that Google prefers websites that implement mobile responsive features over websites that do not. What this means for you is that by adopting a mobile responsive platform, you can take a competitive advantage over your competition. With the new Google algorithm website can actually be penalized in the ranking process for not being mobile responsive. Equipping your website with favorable SEO features allows you to move up the ranking on the organic search results

The user’s experience:

It is essential for your website to create a user positive experience from the second a prospective customers arrives. Studies have shown that a when a customer is frustrated by not being able to find the information they are looking for, there is a 61% chance that they immediately leave the website and go to another, quite possibly your competition. It is necessary for your website to attract and engage the customer to increase your conversion rate and decrease your bounce rate. Interested and satisfied customers lead to more sales and result in a higher chance of referrals.

Return On Investment (ROI):

Converting your website to a mobile responsive website is a one time cost with many benefits. Having one website that functions properly with all devices will save you and your employees time by only having to update, and care for, one website. As mentioned before, customers who are able to easily navigate a website and find the information they are looking for are more likely to explore what you offer, which leads to a boost in conversionrates and sales.

MobileSeed has been leading the way for mobile responsive design with our team of experienced and innovative web developers. Not only can MobileSeed help with your website design, but our team can take your website to the next level by optimizing your SEO strategies and increase brand awareness. To learn more about how MobileSeed can rebrand your company’s appearance on the Internet contact us at (973) 998-5742 or