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Facebook Leads Ads

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July 14 , 2015 / Posted by MobileSeed / News Uncategorized /

Facebook Leads Ads

Facebook to release a new feature that everyone will like.


Facebook is always looking for innovative ways to improve user experience, while making their company profitable. With many people migrating from using their desktops to their mobile device, Facebook is now developing and testing a program called Facebook Leads Ads that will be introduced into the Facebook mobile app.

What is Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads will be a new way for marketers to connect with their consumers. By clicking on a small subscribe button on the bottom of an ad, a consumer can receive important information from the company such as a price estimate, product details, or they could request to be added to a newsletter. The Facebook user can change their settings to what information is sent, and can even choose to use contact information other than what appears on their actual Facebook page. Facebook has a strict policy that they will not release any information until the user clicks submit. Marketers are also restricted from disclosing and selling information they receive to third parties, so your information should remain safe.

This new feature will generate ads that will incorporate a native advertising approach, which means that ads will be better incorporated into what we read, making the tab less intrusive. This mobile feature is also meant to cater towards direct marketing, which focuses on users clicking on ads rather than just seeing them. Recent reports have determined that during 2014, 59% of the $50.1 billion was spent on direct advertising digital ads. Ads will be able to be purchased by thousands of impressions or by pay-per-click.

Everyone Should Be Excited.

Facebook Lead Ads will benefit both the consumer and marketer because a stronger relationship will be established. A marketer can provide the consumer with information about a product or service in a quick and timely manner. A satisfied consumer can keep the marketer’s business running and even drive in more clients through referrals.

This new Facebook feature is expected to generate an increased amount of conversions through the social networking platform, which will greatly benefit marketers and their brands. The consumer will benefit from this because it will allow them to get information they want on the go in a more facilitated way, thereby optimizing their customer experience.

Facebook Lead Ads allows the user to remain on the page that they are reading causing a quick load time, which could normally be slow and distracting. Most importantly, it allows the user to not have to fill out a form from scratch-because who enjoys doing that? As it can be seen Facebook Lead Ads will make many conventional steps of connecting the consumer to a business obsolete. From the information gathered, Facebook seems to be adding a new twist to their mobile platform, and it should be interesting to see how it changes the business to consumer communication medium.

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