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7 Design Mistakes That Could Make Your Website a Dud

MobileSeedUncategorized7 Design Mistakes That Could Make Your Website a Dud
July 23 , 2015 / Posted by MobileSeed / Uncategorized /

7 Design Mistakes That Could Make Your Website a Dud

Stay away from these design mistakes to ensure your customers get the best user experience from your website. HiRes2

When people are searching the web on their smartphones or laptops, they are looking for quick and easily accessed information. If you are a company trying to sell a product or service, and your website is not appealing to the consumer, do not be surprised if they quickly leave your page and go to your competitor’s. Here are seven potential problems you can avoid that will help you design a five star website.

Navigational Failure

Whether the user is on a smart phone or desktop it is essential for you to make your website easy to browse through. A confusing website will quickly scare off the consumer. Their time is valuable and should not be wasted searching mindlessly for the information they are looking for. Make sure your page titles are clear and accurately labeled. Be concise, let them find the idea of what they are looking for and they can explore the content on their own.

Be Mobile Responsive

This lies along the lines of being easy to navigate. What it means to be mobile responsive is that your website is able to adapt to any screen size of a mobile device. This is important because websites that are not mobile responsive can be difficult to navigate and will force the user to zoom in and out and scroll in multiple directions just to find what they are looking for. Make sure no matter where the consumer views your website, it is aesthetically pleasing.

Speed is Key

Your website should take no longer than 3 second to load, especially on mobile devices when people want information fast. Peoples’ time is limited and they definitely do not want to have to wait for a website to load. With so many options on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), the user will simply hit the back button and go to the next search result if they have to wait for your website to load.

Broken Links

“404 Error” is one thing you do not want on your website. If your page ‘cannot be found,’ it makes your website look unprofessional and useless to the consumer. These broken links can lead to a bad user experience, so keep you pages maintained and your information available.

Content is King

It is the marketer’s job to provide the consumer with useful information that will draw them in to the business. Having relevant and engaging content satisfies the consumer. Make sure that your content is up to date, easy to read (don’t have 15 long paragraph on one page), and develop a page that is nicely formatted in terms of fonts and clear headings. More importantly, remember that your pages’ content effects how you are ranked on Google’s search result page.

Connect Through Social Media

Pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter take a little bit of time to manage, but they can be managed at a very low cost. Social media can generate many valuable benefits such as word of mouth referrals and cheap awareness. It is also important in today’s time for businesses to develop a relationship with their clients, and there is no better way to connect and communicate than with social media. So, remember to integrate sharing features to you website that will allow your webpage to be sent into the social media world.

Avoid Auto- Playing Videos & Music

These may seem like a good idea, but reports have shown that advertisements are more effective when the consumer is given the choice of viewing them or not. Videos and odd noises appearing out of nowhere may startle, or even embarrass people if they are in public, and cause them to leave your page.

If you feel that your website has all, or even just one of these problems, our team here at MobileSeed is here to help. We specialize in website design and development and would be more than happy to help take your business to the next level. For more information, contact us at (973)-998-5742 or visit us online at