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July 27 , 2015 / Posted by MobileSeed / Uncategorized /

Social Media Marketing Approach

Why Marketers Need to Rethink Their Social Media Marketing Approach What’s New? It is important for business owners to be aware of where their marketing strategy is taking them and the ROI that it is bringing in. Times are changing, and the consumer has begun to ignore many of the

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July 14 , 2015 / Posted by MobileSeed / News Uncategorized /

Facebook Leads Ads

Facebook to release a new feature that everyone will like. Facebook is always looking for innovative ways to improve user experience, while making their company profitable. With many people migrating from using their desktops to their mobile device, Facebook is now developing and testing a program called Facebook Leads Ads

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January 30 , 2015 / Posted by MobileSeed / Uncategorized /

What is GoMo?

What Is GoMo & How Can My Business Benefit From It? Imagine this: A consumer is browsing the web on his smartphone, hoping to find a business that specializes in bicycle repair. As he scrolls through Google, one particular website catches his attention and he clicks on it. Unfortunately, he

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September 26 , 2014 / Posted by MobileSeed / News /

Why does my website need to be mobile ready?

Why does my website need to be mobile ready? This is a common question asked by clients. Mobile searches have increased exponentially in the past few years. In fact, 46% of smartphone users browse the internet MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY! My question for you is, Why haven’t you taken the

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