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November 14 , 2014 / Posted by MobileSeed / News /

Size Matters: Mobile Website that Actually Load

A commonly asked question we hear from prospective clients is “How do I make my website a mobile website?” Many people expect the next words out of our mouths to not make sense or be confusing, but they aren’t! Here are three steps we take to make your website ready for use on a mobile device (Smartphone).

  1. Content: The content you have on your desktop website should not be the same as what you put on your mobile website. People that search on their smartphone to shop or find a place to eat usually do not want to read your company’s history. Instead, they want the basics, i.e. what you’re known for, where you are located, what phone numbers to call… you get the point.
  2. NO POP-UPS: Isn’t it annoying when you search something on your phone and you get a pop-up?? You need to ensure that your customers or prospective customers won’t have a bad experience on your site.
  3. Quick Loading: No one wants to wait for a slow website to load on their smartphone… Statistics show that if your website is slow, breaks down or is hard to navigate, 57% of people wouldn’t recommend your business and 40% would turn to a competitor.

Remember this one thing, your mobile website should have only the key information on it, leave the rest to the full website. Don’t wait for this trend to become the norm, be ahead of the curve… Be Smart. Go Mobile.