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MobileSeedNewsBe responsive to your customers needs with a responsive design website
December 17 , 2014 / Posted by MobileSeed / News /

Be responsive to your customers needs with a responsive design website

Responsive design. Now that’s something that not many people have heard of before… What is responsive design? And why should you care if your website is built with a responsive design?

Responsive design websites are ones that can adapt (or respond) to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. A responsive design website can work on smartphones, tablets and desktop websites. Have you ever viewed a website on your desktop and try to shrink the screen size down so you could work on something else while searching the web? Notice how some pages will adapt to the size of the window and others will force you to scroll left and right to read the content. The pages that adapt to the screen size are responsive design.

For those of you that still ask why it matters to you, I have a simple answer. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! You need to keep your customers happy and the people that search your website need to feel that it is easy to use and that they get the information they want as quickly as humanly possible. Keep the customer in mind when looking at your website and think to yourself, “would I buy from this website?”

Look at the big picture in life (or small picture if you are on your smartphone). People like easy things, and the easy choice for you is to Be Smart. Go Mobile.