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Social media management for businesses

You’re busy running your business; do you really have time to manage your social media efforts as well? You know your company should have a presence on the social networks but which ones are right for you? With the ever changing landscape of social media and new applications being launched everyday, it’s a challenge to keep up! Let us do that for you.


MobileSeed offers social media packages
for companies and budgets of all sizes.

At MobileSeed, we will build awareness for your brand and engage with your audience for you, consistently and professionally. We’ll help you grow your business by expanding who you reach and how you reach them. Our social media pros will:

  • Create branded profiles for you and your business
  • Select the appropriate platforms for your business (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and others)
  • Develop engaging content that your target audience is interested in and wants to learn more about
  • Write timely and topical posts for you on a consistent basis keeping your audience entertained and engaged
  • Update your social media pages to keep them looking fresh, clean and better than your competitions
  • Write engaging and informational posts your audience will interact with (shares, comments) and that reflect your brand identity and who you are as a corporation

MobileSeed offers social media packages for companies and budgets of all sizes. Let’s discuss how to amplify your marketing by getting social.